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What is Flexiteek 2G?​
Flexiteek is a synthetic teak decking and boat flooring alternative.

After years of development, Flexiteek has launched it's next generation of decking, Flexiteek 2G, enabling us to supply decks that are lighter in weight and don't have the problems associated with other synthetic decking because it doesn't get as hot.


Flexiteek Benefits Include:

  • Looks & feels like real teak without the maintenance.
  • Excellent non-slip surface, wet or dry.
  • Easy to maintain, clean, and stain resistant!
  • Will not dry out, fade, split or crack.
  • All seams are professionally welded, no glued seams like competitors products.
  • Weighs 35% less than competitors products.
  • Helps reduce engine sound and noise.
  • Comes with a five year material guarantee and is recyclable.

Designing Your Flexiteek Boat Deck - Follow These Easy Steps

q 1) Choose The Boat Deck Margin Style

Margin options can be adjusted and seen in the configurator, or seen in the Flexiteek margins section see step1

# 2) Select Your Color Combination

Select your color options, as seen in the Flexiteek colors section or through the configurator. see step 2

z3) Choose Installation Method:

There are 2 ways to have  Flexiteek installed, Do- It-Yourself or turn key see step 3 for details.

8 4) Contact Us For More Information

Contact SeaJay Marine Group with questions at any time. see step 4

Designing your Flexiteek deck using our configurator

(Click the buttons in the configurator under the image below to see the results)


Choose a design to determine the style of margin and border you like.

Choose a color combination of Flexiteek and caulk line color:

DISCLAIMER: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and color variations.

1) Choosing Margin Styles:

Flexiteek Margin Styles
Click on image above to enlarge in a new window.

See margin styles above and try them out in the configurator above.

2) Flexiteek Colors

Flexiteek stays the color you choose!

Flexiteek comes in a variety of colors and caulk combinations that mimic teak. Unlike natural teak, Flexiteek maintains its color without the scrubbing and endless maintenance.

Flexiteek Color Options
click on this image to see it bigger in a new window.

Flexiteek colors (from left to right):

Carbon (available with grey or white caulking)
Off-White (available with grey or black caulking)
Grey (available with black or white caulking)
Scrubbed (available with black, white or grey caulking)
Weathered (available with black or white caulking)
Walnut (available with white caulking)
Bleached (available with black or white caulking)
Teak (available with black, white or grey caulking) DISCLAIMER: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and color variations.

3) Installation Method - There are 2 ways to order Flexiteek from us:

  • ​1. Do-It-Yourself: You mail us the paper template for the area of your boat that you want Flexiteek for and we will build the material to exactly match the template.  We will then mail you the complete Flexiteek material & adhesive.  See link below for instructions on ‘how to build a template” and how to lay Flexiteek.

  • 2. ​Turn-Key: SeaJay Marine Group does the complete template, building & installation on your boat

4) Contact us:

​Contact SeaJay Marine Group today for a free quote! call: (313) 402-3685 or email us at info@seajaymarinegroup.com

Proudly serving the Great Lakes Region:
  • US: Metro Detroit, Lake St. Clair, Port Huron, Lake Charlevoix, Ohio/Lake Erie.